The Story of You

Chicago Personal Historian Tells Your Story

Q: Why tell your story, write your personal history, or create a family memoir?

A: For so many reasons!

First, when you share the story of your life, with its colorful twists and unexpected turns, you allow yourself and your ancestors to be known, seen, and understood in a deeply personal and memorable way.

Second, exploring your story is a direct path to becoming better acquainted with yourself, your tribe, and your roots. Nothing forges a stronger connection between two generations than a story well told.

Third, storytelling — the oldest art form in the world — is especially treasured for the power to connect people across cultures, places and, most importantly, time.

As a lifelong storyteller and award-winning writer, I would welcome the opportunity to help you put your history into a beautiful book — an instant keepsake for generations to come. Plus, when you’re in the hands of an experienced storyteller, writing and sharing your personal history is an act of generosity for children, grandchildren, and descendants to follow.

Here are 10 great reasons to get started now.